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An Unfair Story Of Love by Diken Lama

With a heavy heart, she decided to end this relationship.,.The Tale of Two Soul

Everything was going perfect but things went wrong. Dee cheated on Sal.

What is Love? Love is something when two souls meet each other and make them the happiest person alive. Love is something when a single touch of that favourite person can make this world so wonderful. No matter which country you are from, age, sex, religion, love is something really powerful. Welcome to an unfair story of love.

Attraction and Affection. Normally people gets confused between these two. Do you reckon it gets really hard when the time passes by and relationship starts getting older? I will leave that to you to decide.

Let’s move on to the story. This story is about a beautiful girl who gave him all that she could and about a boy who didn’t realised her love and what she was going through.

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Let the story begin.

Young soul, energetic mind and full of excitement. Yes, it was their teenage. It was a new journey towards high schools. New friends, new books, new environment. Exciting, isn’t it? Everyone was making new friends and knowing more about each other. Everyone was excited and everyone were looking at the gate wondering who’s next. And a girl walks in from the gate. Untied Hair, cute face, sweet smile, silent and shy attitude, sparkling eyes and nose pierced. That was a wow moment. Love at first sight? Yes it was.

High school was going really well. He wanted a way to talk with her and get close to her. He went back home, opened his laptop and logged in to Facebook. He searched for her name in Facebook. Guess what? He found the girl he was looking for. Friend request was sent. Next day, he received a notification saying, “Dee and Sal are now friends on Facebook.” The request was accepted and he went through her photos and posts.

Dee : Hey! Cheers for the add!
Sal : No problem
Dee : Remember me? The guy from your classroom.
Sal : Yes I do

Conversation continued. Sal was a silent girl. Conversation was getting short but Dee didn’t stopped. They started texting everyday, mobile number were exchanged, they were getting closer and they became friends. Time passed by, Dee decided to ask Sal for a relationship. Sal was quiet and she asked him for some time to decide. But in the end the answer was Yes from her. Dee was really happy. They started seeing each other, they went on a date. Love was in the air. Dee and Sal were just walking on the street and Dee wanted to hold her hands but he was afraid. Dee was wondering what will be the reaction of Sal. Finally with all guts, he decided to hold her hand. The reaction was priceless. Little awkward, little shy with a cute smile on her face. Their hands were feeling the love and warmth of two human being. They were getting more comfortable. Dee and Sal were the coolest couple in high school.

Everything was going perfect but things went wrong. Dee cheated on Sal. Yes you heard that right, he did. They both were In love with each other but she found him with another girl. Teenage started ruining their relationship. It was like a big stone right in her heart. Everything was getting heavy for Sal. She cried a lot, her heart was broken but she couldn’t give up on him. Dee begged for one more chance and he said to Sal that he will never repeat it again. Sal decided to give him one more chance. Everything was getting back to normal. Dee went Australia for higher studies. It was a long distance relationship now. Time was passing by, he cheated again. This time with a different girl. She was really shattered. It was not the first time. How long can a human being resist?

With a heavy heart, she decided to end this relationship. 4 years of relation was shattered into pieces, pictures were getting deleted, all the memories were striking her head. She was crying all night and she wished Dee to come back and apologise to her and make it normal again. She thought he would come back but he didn’t. Because he had another girl to talk with. She was going through his Facebook chat and he was still flirting with another girl. It hurts right? He didn’t even thought what she was going through.

Dee didn’t even thought what she was going through and he was In a new relation. Hate boys right? But every boy are not like Dee. It was a new long distance relationship. Dee was falling for her. He was totally into her. Time passed by,Dee was really happy but something changed. She asked Dee for a break. This time, Dee was shattered into pieces. For the very first time, Dee realised what was going through Sal. He felt like a dead fish in a pond.

Gradually, Dee moved on. He came in relation with many new girls who used to love Dee more than they love themselves. But he couldn’t give them all. He broke so many beautiful souls, innocent heart, and happy faces. He didn’t even realised he was getting worst in relationships. He didn’t cared about anyone’s feelings.

2 and a half-year, Dee decided to go back to his home for a holiday. He decided to text Sal with a guilty heart,

“Hey Sal how are you? We were young when we fell in love and it was really wonderful. I always have a very good respect for you in my life. I am coming home this December so I would like to meet you. Can you forget what happened before? Life is short, we don’t know what happens tomorrow. I want to meet you one last time. Let me know if that’s okay for you. Take care.“

Message were seen but there was no reply. Time was passing by, it was just a week before the end of his holiday. “I am leaving this Thursday.” , he sent it to Sal. “Ok safe trip. When do you want to meet?”, Sal replied. They planned to meet for coffee but the time were pretty uneasy for Sal so they decided to meet in evening. 14 hours till he leaves his country again and they finally met. They went for a coffee. Dee was having two feelings, uneasy but happy. They had a little talk. As Dee had very less time, it was time to leave. Dee was really happy. They added each other on Facebook again and it was a good-bye. Dee left his home with lots of memories and hardest good byes. Dee was back in Australia. Days were going on and one day, Sal called Dee on Facebook messenger. From that day, they started sharing thoughts and remembering good old days. As words were getting shared, Dee came to know that Sal is in relationship with someone. But Dee never stopped calling her, Sal never stopped picking up his call.

Are they in a relationship again? No

Why did Sal met Dee after 2 and a half-year of the end of their relationship?
Sal: I think it was the only key to relief your heart. If I would never meet Dee or talk with him, then I would not be able to move on and love another man. Talking with him helps me to move on.

Does Sal think that Dee has changed?
Sal: it’s been 4 months that we have been talking with each other again. We share most of our talks with each other. He shares his every little story with me. He ask me for suggestion if he is in dilemma. I thinks his words makes more sense and he have started thinking in more matured way. Moreover, he have felt the pain of heart-break. I still hate him but yes I think Dee has changed.

Sometimes, a person give you everything they can but you are still not satisfied and when you try to give your all, it might be too late. Dee was in love with Sal again but this time, Sal was in a relationship. No one is sent to your life without any purpose.

Dee: I respect this girl a lot. Many girls came in my life but no one was like Sal. This girl is something special. She will always be my sweet, crazy and loveable girl. Yes we are friends again.


An Unfair Story Of Love by Diken Lama

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